Chapters of The Colonial Dames of America


There are thirty-six affiliated chapters of the CDA, extending geographically from San Francisco to Rome, Italy. New York, incorporated in 1890 as the original chapter of the society, is known as the Parent Chapter. The earliest affiliated chapter was formed in Baltimore in 1892; the most recent, Texas Hill Country in 2013.

Each chapter of the CDA selects one or more projects to support. These can range anywhere from the preservation of a historic house to the creation of an educational program at a day care center.

The CDA presents an annual President’s Award for Excellence to a chapter whose current project is outstanding.


Award-winning Projects of CDA Chapters from 1998 to Present

2013 - The prize was shared by the following two chapters

Chapter VIII - Houston, Texas: To purchase a section of 12" x 12" pavers in the St. Thomas Anglican Church Cemetery, St. Kitts, West Indies, that will be inscribed to honor CDA ancestors of St. Kitts.  This cemetery is the final resting place for many ancestors of our early American Colonists.

Chapter X - Rome, Italy: Project to make available an E-Book and print on demand focusing on the 100 most notable Americans and continuing research to document 840 Americans buried between 1803 - 2010 in the Cimitero Acattolico, the Non-Catholic Cemetery, est. 1712 in Rome, Italy.

2012 - Two chapters shared the award

Chapter XXIV - Atlanta, GA: To help support a grant for continuing education and staff development for The Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation.

Chapter XXXIII - Georgia Piedmont: Replacement of signage for the historic William Harris Homestead.


2011 - Chapter III - Washington, D.C.: The preservation and historical designation of the Abner Cloud Mill.

2010 - Chapter XIII – Kansas City, Missouri: Ongoing project to restore and maintain the Harris-Kearney House, the oldest standing brick house in Kansas City, Missouri.


Harris- Kearney Hosue, Kansas City, Missouri
Harris-Kearney House, Kansas City, Missouri




2009 - Chapter XVII - Palm Beach, Florida: Restoration of Sea Gull Cottage


Chapter IV – Paris, France: American Species Gardens at the Franco American Museum of Blerancourt

Chapter VIII – Houston, Texas: American Heritage exhibits at the Museum of Southern History


2008 - Two chapters shared the award:

Chapter XXIV, Atlanta, Georgia:

Conservation of a statue of an angel marking the grave of a child, and restoration of a statue marking the grave of her mother in the Historic Oakland Cemetery, Atlanta.


                Nance Family Graves Before Restoration                      Nance Family Graves Restored
Oakland Historic Cemetery, Atlanta, GA



Chapter XXXI, South Carolina:

Restoration of the ca. 1740 riverside entrance brick steps of Hopsewee Plantation House to its original colonial appearance.  Hopsewee Plantation is the birthplace of Thomas Lynch, a signer of the Declaration of Independence.


The House at Hopsewee Plantation, Georgetown, SC



2007 - Two chapters shared the award:

Chapter X - Rome, Italy:

Chapter X is producing a booklet about Americans buried in the Protestant Cemetery in Rome that will be sold in the cemetery’s book shop. Founded in 1734, the cemetery is the site of many important graves, including those of the poets Keats and Shelly, American diplomats, and notable Americans who lived in Italy. Although known as the Protestant Cemetery, it contains the graves of people of different faiths.


Grave of American Ambassidor
Grave of American Ambassador in the Protestant Cemetery, Rome, Italy


Chapter XI - London, England:

Chapter XI is replacing a sign next to the marble memorial to friends of George Washington, George and Sarah Fairfax, in the garden of the American Museum in Britain near Bath, England, that tells the story of friends torn apart by the American Revolution. The faded sign reads in part:

In 1773 the Fairfaxes left their Plantation at Belvor near Mt Vernon and journeyed to England. Caught by the War of Independence, they settled in Bath. Although they never saw George Washington again, they corresponded frequently….After her husband died in 1787, Sarah erected this monument to his memory. Her own name was added after her death in 1811, but before this she received a last loving letter from Washington in which he referred once again to "the happy moments, the happiest in my life, which I have enjoyed in your company.”


Fairfax Grotto, American Museum
Fairfax Grotto in the garden of the American Museum, Bath, England 



2006 - Chapter XXI-Dallas, Texas: Project Cookies for the Troops


Cookies for the Troops
Cookies for the Troops, Dallas, TX



2005 – Three chapters shared the award.

Chapter IV - Paris, France: Assisting L’Association Hermione La Fayette, in constructing a replica of the frigate which the Marquis de La Fayette sailed into Boston Harbor in 1780 to aid General George Washington during the Revolutionary war.


Building l'Hermione, France 
Building l'Hermione, France


Chapter XXIII - Virginia: Support of the Jamestowne Rediscovery project to support a graduate student at the archeology dig on Jamestowne Island, in preparation for the 400th celebration of the settlement of Jamestown, Virginia.


Historic Jamestowne Field
Historic Jamestowne Field, Courtesy APVA Preservation Virginia 


Chapter XXX - Venice, Florida: Support of the Venice Area Historical Society’s efforts to educate the public about the entities who used the recently restored Venice Train Depot and to lay the groundwork for a Circus Educational Program that will tell the story of the Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Circus as it arrived and departed each year from its winter home.


Circus Parade, Sarasota
Circus Parade, Venice, FL



2004 - Chapter XIV, Chicago: Schmidt-Burnham Log House; a restoration project on the historic house in Winnetka, Illinois.


Schmidt-Burnham Log House, Winnetka, IL
Schmidt-Burnham Log House, Winnetka, IL



2003 - Chapter XIX, Florida Everglades: Parents As Teachers research and educational project; a division of Early Years Educational Foundation of Collier County, Florida.


Planting a garden
Planting a Garden, Collier County, FL



2002 - Chapter II, Philadelphia: Lemon Hill historic house museum; a local school study project called “Kids Tour of Lemon Hill by Kids,” phase two of the educational program “Living History Lessons at Lemon Hill” that received the award in 1999.


2001 - Chapter XIII, Kansas City: Harris-Kearney House project; restoring the shutters on the oldest standing brick house in Kansas City, Missouri.


Harris Kearney House
Harris-Kearney House, Kansas City, Missouri



2000 - Chapter XVII, Palm Beach: Glades Tri-State Education Program; a program of the Palm Beach County Literacy Coalition.


1999 - Chapter II, Philadelphia: Lemon Hill historic house museum: “Living History Lessons at Lemon Hill” children’s program


Lemon Hill Philadelphia
Lemon Hill, Philadelphia, PA



1998 - Chapter V, San Francisco: Camron-Stanford House Preservation Association; a slide and tape conversion to video lecture on their historic site.